Saksofonisti, sovittaja, kapellimestari, opettaja //// Saxophonist, arranger, band leader, teacher



Eurovision 2017

Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies  AKA Ruby Knuckles Sextet might be the act Finland sends to Eurovision 2017.
The song is called Caveman and it’s pure rock n’ roll with explosive energy. You might like it, check it out and Do the Caveman!


DAF 25 years

Had the pleasure of conducting the 25 years celebration night of Drummer Association of Finland. Ladies First Big Band had some of the best finnish drummers on stage: Tuomas Rauhala, Jaska Lukkarinen, Jussi Lehtonen, Sami Kuoppamäki, Kepa Kettunen, Mikko Kaakkuriniemi, Anssi Nykänen and Ikiz.

We had a ball!

Knucklebone Blues Band

Knucklebone Oscar‘s new groovy group is here! We’ll be playing gigs on our own and also backing up Lazy Lester and Eero Raittinen. Stay tuned!

Here’s a sneak peek of some upcoming material.

Hutera: Making Egg

New song from my band: Hutera!

Red Hot Chistmas

Nat Newborn released an album full of swinging christmas songs: Red Hot Christmas.
Smoky vocals accompanied by a Big band and really sets you in a christmas mood.

You can hear my saxophone on the tracks but I also arranged a few of the songs. (AKA Joe Salomancini)

Go get a preview of the album here and order you’r own copy via emal: postikauppa@gmail.com

red hot christmas