Saksofonisti, sovittaja, kapellimestari, opettaja //// Saxophonist, arranger, band leader, teacher



Jennie Storbacka & TGHSBB

We had a great concert this fall at Malmitalo, Helsinki with The Great Helsinki Swing Big Band and Jennie Storbacka. I had the pleasure of conducting the concert and I also arranged most of the charts for the night.
The theme was “movie and musical tunes with a big band”. Had a lot of fun with this project. It’s always a privilege to get on the same stage with this kind of fantastic singer (and big band!).



Gunhild Carling with Sibis Big Band

I got to conduct a great concert with the fabulous Gunhild Carling and the Sibis Big Band at the Music Centre in Helsinki, Finland. She is a multitalented performer, who can sing, play almost anything and dance too! You might have seen her doing her thing with the Postmodern Jukebox.
The concert was a success and people were amazed by her talent.

We might continue collaboration together in the near future… I’ll keep you posted.

Gunhild Carling & Sibis Big band Gunhild Carling & Sibis Big band

Salomaa-ilmiö show band from Helsinki

I organized a couple of bigger major in Helsinki last year. I needed a show band with musicians, that will sightread music well and be able to perform in various of styles. The gigs went well and we got more and more of bookings to do different events. Somebody even came up with a name for us: Salomaa-ilmiö!

All of the musicians are top of the line in their field and I’m proud to call myself the band leader of this fine group!

Jepa Lambert, vocals
Jari Kanninen, keyboards
Jere Haakana, guitar
Heikki Laine, bass
Teemu Eronen, drums
Tero Saarti, trumpet
Jay Kortehisto, trombone
Johannes Salomaa, saxophone & flute

Hutera: Here It Is!

Our band Hutera released it’s debut album Here It Is! 14th of June 2017. 10 groovy instrumental tracks are available in vinyl and in digital format.

The album has gotten some really great reviews in the finnish media.

You can buy/listen to the album from:
Levykauppa X
iTunes Store
Hutera: Here It Is!

Astrid Swan new album

Astrid Swan released hew new album “From The Bed And Beyond” 3.3.2017.
It’s been an honor to be a part of this album.
I ended up using this kind of mixture of woodwinds: Flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax and baritone sax.
I also play a lot of keyboards on the live gigs that we’re having.

Album reviews:
Helsingin Sanomat 5/5
Soundi 4/5
Rumba 4/5
Desibeli 5/5
Sylvi 4/5