Saksofonisti, sovittaja, kapellimestari, opettaja //// Saxophonist, arranger, band leader, teacher

Salomaa-ilmiö show band from Helsinki


I organized a couple of bigger major in Helsinki last year. I needed a show band with musicians, that will sightread music well and be able to perform in various of styles. The gigs went well and we got more and more of bookings to do different events. Somebody even came up with a name for us: Salomaa-ilmiö!

All of the musicians are top of the line in their field and I’m proud to call myself the band leader of this fine group!

Jepa Lambert, vocals
Jari Kanninen, keyboards
Jere Haakana, guitar
Heikki Laine, bass
Teemu Eronen, drums
Tero Saarti, trumpet
Jay Kortehisto, trombone
Johannes Salomaa, saxophone & flute

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